Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Are Paper Charts Practical Anymore? | Boldmethod

Are Paper Charts Practical Anymore? | Boldmethod

You don't use typewriters anymore. Or rotary telephones. Or 8-track tapes. So when it comes to flying, why do pilots still use paper charts?

You're surrounded by technology and information everywhere you go. From the computer you work on to the smart phone in your pocket, there's more computing power within a 10-foot radius of you right now than what it took to put man on the moon.

But when it comes to navigating your plane, whether you're flying a traditional 6-pack plane or an Electronic Flight Deck, many pilots are skeptical, or downright adamant, that paper is a safer option for nav charts.

So what's the safer, and more practical option, for flying? Let's take a look at electronic charts vs. paper charts and compare the two a little more closely.

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