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What are the effects of nature on our health

What are the effects of nature on our health
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Regardless of our age or gender, we all love nature. Nature has many healthy effects on the Human body. Whatever that you see, hear and think not only affects your mood but also your immune, nervous and endocrine system’s way of working.

Have you ever noticed how just looking at a beautiful natural picture gives you a slight change in the mood?

Well that is because naturally Humans find natural things engrosing.

If you are in an unplesant environment then it can make you stressful, anxious, sad and negative mindset. Because of this you can have high blood pressure, high heart rate and high muscle tension and it aso suppresses you immune system.

Nature has the exact opposite effects of that.

A book I read named Healing Gardens had a study cited in it which stated that two-third of people prefer to retreat to a natural surrounding when they are stressful or anxious.

Healing effects of nature

Research done in schools, hospitals and offices have found that even having a simple plant in a room can improve mental and physical health. Just viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Being exposed to nature can make you feel much better emotionally and not only that, it can reduce muscle tension, heart rate, blood pressure and even lower the production of stress hormones.

A study was done by physician Robert Ulrich on a group of patients undergoing gall bladder surgery. During the surgery some patients had a view of nature and some had the view of a wall. The patients who had the view of nature tolerated pain better, had less negative thoughts and spent less time in the hospital. Many other similar type of studies have also been conducted.

Being in nature can change your mood from depressed and stressed to calm and balanced. Many other studies by Ulrich, Kim, and Cervinka show that time in nature or scenes of nature are associated with a positive mood, and psychological wellbeing, meaningfulness, mindfullness, vitality and also improve your ability to pay attention.

Amazingly, nature aslo bonds people together! According to a series of field studies conducted by Kuo and Coley at the Human-Environment Research Lab, time spent in nature connects us to each other and the larger world. Another study at the University of Illinois suggests that residents in Chicago public housing who had trees and green space around their building reported knowing more people, having stronger feelings of unity with neighbors, being more concerned with helping and supporting each other, and having stronger feelings of belonging than tenants in buildings without trees. In addition to this greater sense of community, they had a reduced risk of street crime, lower levels of violence and aggression between domestic partners, and a better capacity to cope with life’s demands, especially the stresses of living in poverty.

This experience of connection may be explained by studies that used fMRI to measure brain activity. When participants viewed nature scenes, the parts of the brain associated with empathy and love lit up, but when they viewed urban scenes, the parts of the brain associated with fear and anxiety were activated. It appears as though nature inspires feelings that connect us to each other and our environment.

So limit your time on screens and indoors and go outside! See the real world, experience the beatuy of our planet and build real connections.

Besides all this, nature also does these to you:
Builds sharper thinking and creativity
Improves short term memory
Restore mental energy
Reduce inflammation
Better vision
Reduced risk of early death
Imrproves immune system
And even possible anti-cancer effects!

Love, laugh, Live and lead a healty life!

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